d. E. Rogers

“It has you intrigued from the 1st page to the last page,” says The Bev Smith Show…

In The Books on September 9, 2010 at 10:47 pm

On Thursday, August 19, 2010, d. E. Rogers made an appearance on The Bev Smith Show. Bev Smith, the host of The Bev Smith Show and former host of BET’s “The Voices” held an exclusive interview with Rogers.

The Bev Smith show is heard on the American Urban Radio Networks and is known as “the Queen of Late Night Talk.” Bev Smith is the only African-American woman radio talk show host who has a nationally syndicated show in the country. She addresses hot topics and social and global issues. She is well-known and highly trusted in the African-American community to deliver critical information and entertainment news.

During the interview, Bev Smith stated,

“Every once in awhile you come across a fiction story that does not read like fiction. It has you intrigued from the 1st page to the last page. [Crossing Color Lines] does not read like fiction. It pulls you into a discussion [about race]. And the topic is a topic that is very rarely if ever discussed. It asks the question, if you had the features to pass for another race for the benefits would you? [Telling this kind of story is] bold at this time when the issue of race has polarized our country. Crossing Color Lines is a fascinating concept for a movie. It’s a great book for your book club. I think it’s awesome. d. E. Rogers, you are going to be big with this book.”

If you missed the live interview, you can listen to the recording here.


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