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Are You Doing Your Part?

In Society on August 25, 2010 at 10:03 pm

The school system, the media, and the public put too much pressure on the President in whether or not it succeeds. In order for the school system to produce bright minds of the future, we need to start with having a dress code and the children should be properly groomed. Parents should be a mandatory part of the educational system. If kids think their parents don’t care as much, then why should they. Involvement of the parents is paramount to any success being made. We should increase building help centers for children for after-school and summer breaks to keep their minds active in a positive way. We need stop building prisons to house criminals and build things that help our society. Prisons are becoming a safe haven for people and I think we all know who pays for them.

Would you prefer your hard earned dollars to pay for a prison or a child’s education? Everyone plays a part in how this country operates not just the President. Do your part to make it better.

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Poll: Local schools up, Obama education plans down



Crossing Color Lines Brought to Life!

In The Books on August 13, 2010 at 12:17 am

Author d. E. Rogers celebrates the release of the Crossing Color Lines book trailer.  This powerful presentation brings Crossing Color Lines and issues surrounding race to the forefront in real life.

This presentation takes you into The World of David by starting with a snapshot representing the history of race in America and continues in an intimate moment with d. E. Rogers describing the synopsis of the book. “I am very excited to release this new book trailer. Readers get a visual picture of what Crossing Color Lines is all about. It is more than a fiction novel; it transpires race issues that still need to be discussed openly today,” states d. E. Rogers.

Crossing Color Lines was released in June 2010 and follows the story of Chase Cain, someone who as a child witnessed the brutal hanging of his father. Since he has lighter skin, he is able to use it in a way that he believes will be his advantage, and ‘pass’ as a white man. He sets out to gain all the things he desires – friends, love, and wealth – but ultimately the way he has chosen to live his life ends up causing his demise.

The book trailer presents Crossing Color Lines gently yet coercively. The short presentation leaves you contemplating the question Crossing Color Lines proposes and with an appetite for more.

Crossing Color Lines is available on Amazon, Cuschcity, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Baker & Taylor, and at theworldofdavid.com. Purchase your copy today.

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Unpresidential for Appearing on a Daytime Talk Show?

In Society on August 4, 2010 at 5:50 pm

There has been much criticism since President Obama’s appearance on The View last week. Obama is the first president to appear on a daytime talk show. Criticism ranged from calling it unpresidential, to having no dignity, to statements that a President should not be a on a “fluffy” daytime talk show.

I think it refreshing that a President would be on a show that most politicians avoid. His honesty, coolness, and forthrightness seem to be what most people wanted when they voted for him. He promised to be open about what was going on in the White House and call out things when they were not done right and to this point he has kept his promise.

With the firing of Shirley Sherrod and his statement about how his administration overreacted by acting before checking the facts is good for the American people. No cover ups is a good thing for all. Visibility in the White House is what people wanted and now they have it. Isn’t honesty supposed to be the best policy? Yet he is criticized for it.

“Obama said the forced resignation of Shirley Sherrod shows racial tensions still exist in America,” as stated in an article by Julie Pace, Obama Talks Race, Pop Culture on The View. Obama also mentioned that though we have made progress, we still have a ways to go.

People should give him the same chance to work on our problems as they have given every other President in history. He hasn’t been President for even two years and people are acting like he created the mess we are in today. We all owe it to ourselves to give President Obama the opportunity to turn things around. I think it’s the same opportunity we want on our jobs when we take on a big task. People have to remember that change does not happen overnight. When you reach the brink of disaster you have to be somewhat cautious during the cleanup so that you do not end up in the same position from which you began.

It’s great that we have reached a time where informality has become the best way to communicate with each other. We have the opportunity to really see the President’s personality as he communicates with us on a person to person level. Isn’t this the way a President should be? With his people, for the people?